The mystery continues Hidden Alien Mission Found in Grand Theft Auto 5.


Grand Theft Auto V’s  Mystery has been ongoing for years and years, and the latest instalment in the saga has seen players uncover a crashed UFO and a new secret alien mission. All this was added in the Gunrunning update recently, although it seemingly wasn’t quite due for release yet. The Mystery Guru group activated the alien mission early by messing with a few of the files found in the update.

The mission was forcefully activated, and as you can see in the video above, it involves picking up supplies with a supernatural twist. The supply location is a crashed UFO with a whole bunch of dead scientists and soldiers nearby – when you pick up a mysterious egg, aliens spawn in and start firing at you. It’s unclear if this is the end of the  Mystery, or the start of a whole alien arc. People remain hopeful that there is more to come. It also remains to be seen whether this will be the final state of the mission when Rockstar actually launches it for real.

GTA Online’s Secret Alien Mission Can Be Unlocked In-Game Without Hacking

As we reported last week, GTA Online hackers managed to gain early access to a secret alien mission seemingly slipped into the game with the recent Gunrunning DLC. When the update first hit clever fans quickly discovered it contained new alien-related assets, including a wrecked space ship, but it took weeks of intense digging to unlock the actual mission. That said, a number of questions remained about the alien mission. Was this the full mission, or just a piece of a larger chain of events? Was there actually a legitimate way to access it, or was it just cut content? Or perhaps something slipped into the code to keep amateur detectives busy?

In order to access the mission, which is officially called Alien Egg Supply Run. You need to first complete 600 Gunrunning sales.

 Once you’ve racked up the required Gunrunning sales. Just take on a supply run between 21:00 and 23:00hrs in the evening. The special Alien Egg Supply Run mission should be automatically triggered. Oh, and make sure you’re on your game – apparently the mission can only be triggered once. If you die, you’ll never get to retry it. So, it seems that aliens were intended to be a bit of an Easter egg for very dedicated Gunrunners players. Unfortunately, the surprise kind of got ruined! But hey, you could still be the first person to unlock the mission legitimately – even our hackers haven’t done it. They just found the unlock method by poking around in GTA

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