2018 Jaguar Sedan XE SV Project 8 the quickest passenger Jag.

Luxury Automaker Jaguar just revealed Jaguar Sedan  is detailing how it’s turning the XE into the XE SV Project 8 Sedan a 200-mph track monster, which will only make 300 of the new 592-horsepower Jaguar XE SV Project 8. Jaguar can go from zero-to-60 miles an hour in just 3.3 seconds. But all of them will have the driver’s seat on the left-hand side.

That will be fine for most of the countries, but in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, cars drive on the left side of the road. Cars made for those countries usually have the controls on the right side for a better view of on-coming traffic. UK drivers can still drive left-handed cars, anyhow it may be a bit awkward to do so for them.

Jaguar XE Sedan Pricing and Specification.

Jaguar Sedan having all-wheel-drive will have a 5.0-liter supercharged V8. Which is the most powerful ever used in a Jaguar road car and also an eight-speed automatic transmission. Making it look more easier and smooth to drive the quickest passenger car. Customers who want to get the Jaguar Sedan outside the United States will be able to get the car without back seats in order to make the car lighter and faster.

Out back there is an electronic active differential that can shuffle the mighty power between the rear wheels. The Project 8 is also featuring a torque-vectoring system, using the brakes to slow the inside wheels during cornering. Speaking of brakes, the Project 8 has some massive ones to slow down all that power: The carbon ceramics have 15.7-inch front discs and 15.6-inch rears, with six-piston aluminum calipers up front and single pistons in the back. The Project 8’s exterior matches the mechanical madness, with flared aluminum rear-wing panels to accommodate the wider tires. Extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the body, and aggressive front and rear diffusers.

The carbon-fiber front splitter and rear wing are both manually adjustable, with two positions for each. Jaguar also says that buyers will have the option of choosing between 10,000 exterior paint hues. Different colors for the brake calipers, front grille surround, side mirror and aerodynamic parts, as well as personalized tread plates.

The model is a tricked-out version of the Jaguar XE. Making its official debut Friday at England’s Good wood Festival of Speed. It goes 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. It’s “the most powerful, agile and extreme performance Jaguar road car ever produced,” the U.K. automaker said. “Always follow local speed limits,” Jaguar reminds us. Sure, whatever you say.

The company will manufacture 300 units of the collector’s edition model, which technicians will assemble in Coventry, England. Pricing was not immediately available, but it won’t be pretty.

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