Google Glass: Shock Update Hints at Return from the Dead

A new update for Google Glass has just rolled out, to the surprise of the entire technology community. The futuristic gadget failed to take off because people considered it to be ugly, creepy and overly expensive. We all believed Google had killed it off for good after it halted sales back in 2015.

It shut down the Google Glass website too, as well as its social media accounts. However, the company still appears to be working on the device. Google Glass has just received its first update since 2014. Initially spotted by the Verge, the refresh incorporates bug fixes and execution enhancements. & includes Bluetooth input gadget bolster so you can snare a mouse or console up to it.It’s an odd and absolutely sudden move from the organization, which has incited hypothesis of a looming return for Glass.

Google’s AI for Google Glass future: So great it’s unnerving

The £1,000 Google glass incited solid responses and never truly undermined to wind up plainly well known among anybody other than early adopters.

In any case, more current headsets like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Hololens and Snapchat Spectacles are drawing in constructive standard consideration. Google may feel that Google Glass was somewhat comparatively radical. That individuals’ impression of it could be distinctive at this point.

On the other hand, the refresh could essentially have been taken off to take into account existing Google Glass aficionados. A number of whom were to a great degree frustrated about its destruction.

Keep in mind Google Glass? You know, those irregular head-mounted PCs Google was offering for $1,500 a pop a couple of years back?  The ones just affected nerds purchased and that were irritating jumpy barflies who thought said bombastic geeks were surreptitiously recording everybody. The ones Google quit offering in 2015 in light of the fact. That the trial never truly gotten on with people in general as something besides a modern curiosity as well as protection attacking misstep? All things considered, think about what! Every one of you five that still have a couple lounging around better go burrow them out, in light of the fact. That Google just discharged a critical new programming refresh for the contraption, the first in very nearly three years.

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